We are happy to introduce a wellness line to our baby/kids selection: Gryph and Ivyrose.

Why did we choose it?

All products used are natural, healthy and pediatrician approved.

We tried them, and quickly became big fans!

As far as I am concerned, I try no to buy any non natural/organic products or tested on innocent animals... 

1) The chocolate probiotics: Our body is full of bacterias, good and bad. Probiotics are helpful bacterias that helps keeping your gut healthy. Probiotics are essential and to me the secret to benefit your health. 

With kids, a family you might have your hands full and no time in the morning for a ''take your probiotic battle''!

Thus, these probiotics have a chocolate flavor and are cut in a heart shape. Really easy to eat as a candy or mix in a chocolate smoothie :-)

Can be used by the whole family.

2) Herbal sleep elixir: Sleep plays an important role to your physical health and even more to kids. This herbal elixir made of organic chamomile, turmeric, silk tree flower  will very quickly become your lifesaver!

3) Body wash and body oil: The body wash gently cleans and nourishes the skin. It is made of tremella, Irish moss etc... This oil will hydrate and protect against harsh elements. It smells really good, (so good you might event want to use it on yourself as well!!) it is made of goji berries, hibiscus and citrus peel. 

Ideal for babies, toddlers and big kids. Finally, a really cool packaging :-)


4) The shampoo and conditioner: Lets start with the most important: no parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Pediatrician and acupuncturist recommended. Made of tremella mushroom, goji berry, ginger root etc... Daily use, plus to be honest a 2 in 1 is more simple, especially when you have more than 2 kids..!