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Candles to remember

by Valerie Engel

Candles to remember...

For those who have already been in our boutique you probably noticed our rose scent. Some even say it smells like roses from down the street!

It actually comes from a candle we burn since day 1 of our opening. We carry a French brand of candles, coming directly from Paris.

The flavors are coming from Grasse, a village in South of France known as the world's perfume capital. France is renowned for its perfume industry and is home to some famous perfumeries such as Guerlain, Chanel perfumes etc...

Thus, when burning them in your house you know what you are breathing.

They burn for about 45 hours and come in a really cute box. 

If you do not like the smell of roses, we have other flavors like jasmin, figue, lavender and holiday limited editions: ''a winter in Oslo'' etc...

As you know, we are very sensible to odors and smells are really important. They can affect our mood, emotions. A pleasant smell puts us in a good mood, and makes us calmer. 

It is the ideal gift and wether you like in a warm or cold country I am sure you will enjoy having a pleasant ambiance at home!





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