Une salade niçoise s'il vous plait!

Let me explain... A ''salade niçoise'' is a French dish directly coming from Nice in south of France. A full meal in a salad, easy to make, usually pleases all guests, traditionally made of tomatoes, hard boiled-eggs, anchovies etc... 

Here is the recipe:

-4 eggs

-4 tomatoes



-tuna in olive oil, usually comes in a glass pot (image).

-1 green pepper

-fillets of anchovies in oil

-20 black olives

-5 radish 

-olive oil

-balsamic vinegar

-Dijon mustard

-salt and pepper.

Start by cooking the eggs, 10 minutes in boiling water. In the mean time, cut the tomatoes, pepper and radish. Once the eggs cooked peel them and cut them. Presentation is very important, make sure to cut everything nicely. (photos)

→ In a large/low salad bowl (picture attached) or big plate display the salad than the basil. Tomatoes all around the bowl, pepper, radish. Add the tuna in between the tomatoes and the anchovies on top of the tomatoes.

→Finally, display the eggs towards the middle of your presentation, and the olives all around. For the dressing, mix the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper. 

Note, it is not in the official recipe but you can add boiled potatoes and/or croutons to your salad. Such as asparagus and green beans. 

Be creative and bon appétit!