📚Readers choice:

3 books we read lately and wanted to share with you!

  • 1) Educated, a memoir by Tara Westover. 

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER. An unforgettable memoir about a young girl who, kept out of school, leaves her survivalist family and goes on to earn a PhD from Cambridge University.

A powerful story/book that you should not miss. Also very good example of a strong and brave woman who achieved what she wanted even though life is not always that easy.

  • 2) The power of meaning, by Emily Esfahani Smith. 

This wise, stirring book argues that the search for meaning can immeasurably deepen our lives and is far more fulfilling than the pursuit of personal happiness.

Journalist Smith offers advice about living a meaningful life. 4 essentials:

Belonging We all need to find our tribe and forge relationships in which we feel understood, recognized, and valued to know we matter to others.

Purpose We all need a far-reaching goal that motivates us, serves as the organizing principle of our lives, and drives us to make a contribution to the world.

Storytelling We are all storytellers, taking our disparate experiences and assembling them into a coherent narrative that allows us to make sense of ourselves and the world.

Transcendence During a transcendent or mystical experience, we feel we have risen above the everyday world and are connected to something vast and meaningful.

This book is Bbeautifully written and rigorously researched, in a society constantly shouting about happiness this book makes us think twice and leads us down to the path of what truly matters.


3) Attached by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller.

We already rely on science to tell us what to eat, when to exercise, and how long to sleep. Why not use science to help us improve our relationships? In this revolutionary book, psychiatrist and neuroscientist Dr. Amir Levine and Rachel Heller scientifically explain why why some people seem to navigate relationships effortlessly, while others struggle.

A groundbreaking and fascinating book, it will help every reader understand whom they are attracted to as partners, why, and what they can do to reach fulfillment in love.