As a women, baby and kids boutique we get to have many expecting mamas.

Helping you style your bump, feel pretty during and after your pregnancy is our mission :-)

Here are some of the common questions we get asked:

❤️How can I wear pants while pregnant and living in Miami?

Good question... Most of the time it is so humid and hot in Miami. Plus, let's admit it while pregnant our ''engine'' runs high and we get so hot..!

Here is our answer:

Wear pants but in order to balance the heat wear them with a light short sleeve top and sandals. Sets are a great option as you won't have to worry about which top to pair with your pants (see bellow photos, more options on our ''mama friendly page'').

Tie dye is on trend, a comfy tie dye tee shirt should work with most of your bottoms!

❤️Maxi, short, tight which dress will I be able to wear till the end of my pregnancy and event postpartum?

Here is our answer:

Do not buy a dress which is too short. The more your bump will grow the shorter your dress will become..! No need to buy it too large either.

Think about eventually breastfeeding friendly options if you plan on breastfeeding. (see bellow photos, more options on our ''mama friendly page'').

❤️Baby related, I have no idea of what to buy for my baby? 

Here is our answer:

The first 3 to 6 months babies are more comfortable in cotton, light fabrics, onesies. We always suggest not buying too small because your baby will grow so fast and most baby gifts are offered in new born sizes or 0/3 months.

Plus, you will wash those outfits so often you want to make sure they are good quality so they don't shrink! In addition think about your next babies, the better the quality the more use you will get of them. Gender neutral colors are a great option as well.

If you live in Miami or give birth in the summer a 50 SPF outfit is great and will give you peace of mind while strolling your baby in warm days.

(see bellow photos, more option on our ''baby'' page).

❤️Date night outfit suggestion?

Here is our answer:

Feel comfortable and feel pretty. This is a personal question, each women lives her pregnancy differently.

(see bellow photos, more options on our ''mama friendly page'').

❤️What will I wear postpartum?

Here is our answer:

Let's be honest... those perfect 5,7 days post partum photos we get to see on social media are not reality (or were not for me!).

Giving birth is a magical gift but also an intense physical and emotional workout/experience.

Thus, at the beginning wearing comfy clothes might be the best option. If you plan on breastfeeding, select breastfeeding dresses or tops friendly.

In terms of postpartum appearance don't be too hard on yourself, don't compare yourself to others, everyone is different! You gave life to a new human being: you are already a superhero! Give yourself the time you need to recover :-)

(see bellow photos, more options on our ''mama friendly page'').

->This article is based on my personal experience only.

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