October is breast Cancer awareness month: not just about wearing the pink ribbon and sharing it but about its education, early detection and awareness. It's about fostering a culture of openness and dialogue that removes the fear associated with the words ''Breast Cancer''.

By sharing a little bit of my personal story I am hoping to empower individuals to take control over their health. ♡

For those who are new to our community, I am Valérie owner and founder of Roses and Dreams.

In December of 2022 I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 34 years old.

I found out I had breast cancer from doing a simple routine mammogram. I do not have any family history, I did not have a lump or anything. Having breast cancer at my age without history is rare. A simple choice, although it is not what the medical system recommends at my age. 

I felt responsible for doing it but somehow I was nervous as well.

Truth be told, I really think my intuition picked it. I later understood why!

From there my entire wold turned upside down. 

In a matter of months I got 2 major surgeries, treatments and so much more! Very difficult times and a lot to handle while trying to remain a good mother to 2 young kids, wife, work etc...

Meanwhile, I feel extremely lucky to have found it at an ''early'' stage and be helped by amazing doctors.

This experience reminded me the importance of daily self care mentally and physically it is so important whether you are fighting cancer or not.

Each of us face a lot of health issues in life, there is a lot we cannot control but there is a lot we can.

The ability to check in with yourself, choosing good daily habits, and getting regular physicals is in our power.

Being in tune with our body and taking good care of it is a huge gift. We spend most of our time in our head and body, might as well make it a nice place to be! 

All these habits also gives us the best chances to tackle the unexpectedness that is thrown at us in so many ways.

Check in with your body often, get regular physicals, don't let fear make you fall behind, go for it and treat yourself to what makes you happy afterwards :-)

Not to forget to trust your intuition, the whisper of your soul.

Life can change in a second no matter who you are...

I hope what I share is encouraging to take care deeply for yourself, not to forget to be gentle with others, cheering for each of us is how it should be. Anyone you meet can be fighting a battle no one knows about. Make people feel good and be happy!

I am extremely thankful for the few customers who knew about it and always have my back plus those who support us and keep making this dream come true♡

Thank you Shoutout Miami for sharing ➡Read more here

Thank you Mount Sinai Medical Center for sharing ➡https://www.msmc.com/valerie-melanie-engel/


October 04, 2023 — Valerie Engel