A well known french saying: ''spring gets pregnant women blooming''.

Apparently you would get to see more pregnant ladies around that time of the year!

Not sure if it is true but, as we carry baby and kids clothes in our boutique we get to style pregnant ladies every day.


Here are a few styling tips to feel good during your pregnancy: (spring/summer)

(these tips are just my personal opinion, every pregnant lady lives her pregnancy in a different way and might not agree with the following.)


-Yes to bodycon/tight dresses but not for everyday or for the full 9 months.

In your first trimester and beginning of second trimester you might feel super proud to show your little bump. Actually wearing a tight dress, not too short makes your figure look longer and nicer.

With time, I would say closer to 6 months your bump gets bigger. Tight dresses might not feel that comfortable anymore, especially if you live in a climate like Miami!

Keep wearing this dress you loved at the beginning but you might want to switch it to:


-Wrap and ''empire waist'' dresses. Those are a little more flowy and breathable. The cuts are very ''bump friendly'' and gives your body a flattering look. These dresses usually have a deep V neck which elongates your silhouette.

Also, wrap dresses are pretty trendy you might be able to find some easily. Remember not to buy anything too short. The more time goes the more your belly grows making all dresses super short. Maxi or midi are good options.


-Jumpsuits/overalls: I know, I know... by hearing the word ''jumpsuit'' everyone thinks ''NO this is so much effort when going to the bathroom''..!!

True, but as we say in french: ''you have to suffer to be pretty''!!

To me jumpsuits and overalls are a good way to wear pants without feeling tight. Those are very trendy and there are so many different styles and cuts. Finally, they tend to be a little tighter on your bump which makes it even cuter.


-Skinny jeans: this is probably the number 1 item you need to buy in a maternity store. Take one with a stretchy band that goes over your bump, this gives more support. Pair these jeans with a button down, sweater etc... remember nothing too baggy.


-Large dresses, yes but make sure to buy your regular size and that the cut does not make you look even bigger. Some times, a lot of fabric + a bump creates the worst equation! A good tip is to wear a high waisted belt.


-How about underwear and bathing suits: If you are not wearing jeans or a tight dress, the more time goes the more you might appreciate high waisted panties that offer more support.

Buy any bra you like and maybe a nursing one. You can wear it from time to time and get used to it for after. (if you plan on breastfeeding)

In terms of bathing suit choice I feel like it is more personal and also it depends on your ''activity'': tanning, walking around, swim as a workout etc... A one piece with the correct cut is always a good option, choose the one your feel comfortable in!


Finally, when pregnant you get to experience the fact having a totally different body. Thus, before buying expansive clothes ask yourself if it is the good size, if you will really get use of it during this pregnancy and after.

Buy clothes you can alter for your ''non pregnant'' body. Do not buy too short. If you plan on breastfeeding choose ''breastfeeding friendly'' outfits.

Most importantly feel pretty, be happy and embrace the luck of having a healthy little baby soon :-)


 See bellow a few outfit options, make shopping a pleasure, shop with us!



April 23, 2019 — Valerie Engel