Everyone always raves about French girls, their diet, makeup, style etc...

As a French living in the US I do see a big cultural difference in terms of style and attitude so, to those who love the ''French style'' here are a few tips:

-First of all, french girls do not spend hours trying to look ''perfect''.

A little blush, lipstick, fresh hair and off we go! French girls like to be and look natural.

Try it, this will save you a lot of time in the morning :-)

-Than, they go for comfortable outfits. No need to wear heels during the day, a mini or tight dress. A nice pair of jeans, a sweater, ballerinas or sneakers thats it. Also take advantage of one outfit from morning to night. Accessorize your ''day outfit'' with a blazer and a pair of earrings to go to dinner.

Another way to save time and less outfit problems!

-When going to breakfast, lunch or dinner French girls won't worry so much about eating carbs, vegan, dairy free, vegetarian, raw etc... Its all about balance:

Breakfast: A pain au chocolat or croissant with a coffee, tea or juice.

Lunch: A salad with bread.  Yes... a meal without bread is not a meal! Meanwhile, not too much dressing on the salad. Fruits for desert.

Gouté: 4/5PM Usually something sweet.

Dinner: Meat or fish with vegetables for example. To finish, a yoghurt and a piece of dark chocolate.

Don't worry too much about your daily diet, make yourself happy as long as you dont forget this one rule: ''moderation''.

-When going shopping: I have to say those fast fashion retailers like, Zara, Massimo Dutti, H&M etc... are pretty popular. Again, this goes with the idea of not spending too much time, money on an appearance.

French girls also love boutiques, there are many in France and in every city. Those have special, one of a kind items. 

-Finally, in terms of attitude: The image of French people at a cafe smoking with a baguette on the side is not always true!

Not everyone smokes. Meanwhile, French girls love to meet at a café/brasserie and talk about their day/gossip. In general the French have a little more ''franc parlé'' and won't hesitate to express their point of view with a very light or inexistent filter!

The video linked bellow defines perfectly the attitude and the cultural difference: French VS American.





PS: I did not mention anything about dating, I will in a next post. It is SO different, this topic deserves its own page!