For those who have already shopped with us you probably noticed we have different styles, designers for woman and kids.

In this post I am going to tell you a little more about some of them, their style, fabrics etc... and most importantly why we choose them.

-For love and Lemons, (woman, kids) created in 2011, on the principles of femininity and individuality. Popular in our boutique because they offer the cutest ''mommy and me'' styles (Lil'lemons). Good quality, fabrics and unique prints.

-Love Shack Fancy, (woman) romantic, very feminine, floral prints, lace and lots of ruffles. Mostly silk or cotton. Fits perfectly in our boutique, great cuts. 

-Intropia, (woman) most of their pieces are made in Europe. This label takes inspiration from Mediterranean lifestyle through breathable textures and a relaxed, effortless approach to style. From casual to embroidered maxi dresses, elegant.

-Spell and the Gypsy collective, (woman) Australian brand, Boho, light fabrics, flowy maxi dresses. Ideal for summer weather or our well known ''Miami humidity''.

-Louis Louise Paris, (kids) Louis for boys Louise for girls. Very Parisian, Louis Louise uses light, delicate fabrics, smart, poetic floral prints. Slightly retro with contemporary inspiration, and the constant attention to detail mixed with an imaginative twist.

-Rylee and Cru, (kids) founded by illustrator Kelli Murray, comfortable clothes, soft fabrics. Quality basics all hand garment dyed. Each collection gets its own special print.

-Roses and Dreams, (shoes) made in Italy, designed by us. We pay attention to each detail on our shoes before producing, each paid matches our collections. Mostly soft colors in order to be your ''go to'' pair of shoes. The one you feel like wearing every day.

We buy all these collections in Paris or New-York usually 6 to 8 months in advance.

Finally, this is just a little ''mise en bouche'' of our favorite designers to get you started!

We have many more things in our boutique.

See you soon!

For love and Lemons, mommy and me.


★ Love Shack Fancy:


★ Intropia


Spell and the Gypsy collective:

★ Louis Louise Paris:

 ★ Rylee and Cru:

★ Roses and Dreams, shoes: