The power of the spots is immediate: It can make the laziest outfit seem intentional and seems to radiate a don’t-mess-with-me, empowered, super-driven, wild spirit.
Josephine Baker and Jean Harlow wore the print in the 30's; Eartha Kitt and Bettie Page did so in the 50's; and in the 60's, it was Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate and Edie Sedgwick in Andy Warhol’s Factory. Keep running through time and you’ll see Elizabeth Taylor, Catherine Deneuve in the print; these days, it’s favored by Kate Moss, Anna Winter, and Michelle Obama.  
Notice a trend here? These are all strong women with strong points of view. It’s no surprise that at a time when the world at large is questioning what it means to be a strong woman, leopard print has popped up as a runaway trend at shows from Prada to Givenchy. 
This is making us think about what it means to power dress in 2016. Just as female leopards are the hunters of their prides, so do females in leopard print tend to be of the #GirlBoss variety. From rompers to bikinis, find your favorite leopard piece from our special selection below and start wearing the trend now! 
May 11, 2016 — Krystel Niño