Given the fact that we have been talking about trips lately I decided to write about another side of the world, a real paradise full of surprises.

Before reading this post I would like to be honest, if you do not like adventure and nature you might not like this trip as it is very true to earth.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, a southern Caribbean nation comprising a main island, St-Vincent and a chain of smaller islands. Some of these islands are so small, they might not be on a map.

Mind you, this is a very secret destination! 

I would suggest debuting your trip by the island of Grenada, (international airport) also called the ''spice island'' discovered by Christopher Columbus.

Beautiful, lovely people, many nice hotels. The food is fresh and delicious.

Most importantly, the island is full of fun activities: hiking in the jungle, jump from waterfalls, see monkeys, visit the rum distilleries or simply walk around this beautiful island.


-If you want to go fancy, the Sandals beach resort is amazing, luxury, located on the pretties beach of the island (to me!). The restaurant is nice and if ever you are craving for a little shopping they have a cute boutique such as a great spa.

-Calabash hotel is on the other side of the island. I never stayed there but it is  pretty and the restaurant is supposed to be good.

There are many hotels all around the island, different prices and styles. I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

From there let's cruise into the small islands: (you can also fly, private or use SVG airline, very small planes!)

  • Carriacou, about 1 hour boat ride from Grenada (dependency of Grenada). Pretty island, nice hiking, local, not very touristy. There are a few hotels if you want to stay there.¬†
  • Palm island, in front of Union island, small island. Great stop for lunch.
  • Union island, 30 minutes boat ride from Carriacou. Known for its kitesurfing spot.¬†
  • Tobago Cays, PARADISE¬†an archipelago¬†comprising five small islands and extensive coral reefs. The cays - Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Baradal, Petit Tabac and Jamesby - are all uninhabited and are a popular tourism destination. The color of the water is so incredible, you might not believe it! Snorkeling is¬†outstanding, you can also swim with sea turtles and see iguanas on the islands.

For those who saw the movie ''Pirates of the Caribbean'' this is it, several scenes were shot there.

  • Canouan,ÔĽŅI would say a little more touristy in terms of¬†accommodations.

-Mandarin Oriental Canouan, no need to describe the quality of a Mandarin Oriental! (had golf and tennis)

-Tamarind Beach hotel, located on the beach, cute rooms, nice staff. 

There are lots of restaurants all around the island, the beach club at Glossy bay is a place to go.

  • Petit Saint Vincent, private island, called one of the world's most enchanting hideaways. Beautiful hotel, romantic, popular for honeymoons, yoga, spa, lots of things to do including golf and tennis.
  • Mustique, usually the most known of all these islands. A long list of residents and guests made it's popularity: Mick Jagger, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Williams, David Bowie etc... Such an important list that real estate is now very expansive such as the hotels. This island is very private. There are beautiful villas to be rented.¬†
  • Bequia, one of the largest island of the Grenadines 15 kilometers from Kingston, the nation's capital. Lot's of activities, interesting to see.¬†

All these islands are close to each other but so different. It is nice to see them all and evaluate by yourself!

Overall people are very welcoming and warm hearted, happy to have you on their island and show you how lucky they are to live here.

It is more common to do this trip on a private boat, it all depends on your preferences. Meanwhile, if you like adventure, nature and breathtaking scenaries I guarantee this is the trip you will never forget!

Before leaving, do not hesitate to stop by our boutique for more tips, we are always happy to help!

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Sandals hotel:

Monkey in Grenada:

Tobago Cays:

 Mandarin oriental, Canouan:


Airplane view from Petit Saint Vincent: